Expressing Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude

Take a deep breath.

Be present in this moment.

Acknowledge where you are, what you’re wearing, what you’ve eaten today. Recognize the special connections you have with the people in your life. Feel your breath as it fills your lungs. You have at least one thing to be grateful for every second of every day: You are alive.

How lucky are we that we get to feel, to create, to learn, to express, to be alive? The essence that is life is incomprehensible. What did we do to come into this beautiful world and experience this beautiful planet? We simply showed up here, with no certain knowledge of exactly what brought us here. The experiences on this planet are to behold. Every single one of them. From the array of color our vision presents us, to the feelings our senses bring us–the wind on our skin, the rain as it falls, the sounds of the ocean and fire crackling, the touch of a loved one–the simplest things can bring us utmost joy if we allow it. Life itself is an incomprehensible blessing, and once we look past all of the obstacles we must face, we can enjoy it for what it truly is.

Have you ever experienced something that brought you great sadness, which was followed by a situation that brought you greater joy than you have ever felt? Events that happen in our lives can bring about an array of unfavorable emotions–from heartbreak, to sadness, to anxiety, to pain. These things help us learn, and grow internally. Without experiencing these things, the true meaning of joy would not be enhanced and fully appreciated. The simple essence that is emotion is a blessing in disguise. If we are able to set aside our desire for perfect lives, and constant peace, we can view transgressions as lessons that will bring us closer to our ultimate destiny.

These concepts are deep and way beyond the physical realm of life. We are magnificent beings with amazing physical features that make us unique. On the outside, we are surrounded by physical things that hold no value at the end of our lives. On the inside, though, is an entirely different concept called a “soul” that is just waiting to be discovered and nourished. Without gratitude, we could have every material item we could ever want, and the need for more would never cease. With gratitude, however, we could have nearly nothing, and still have contentment.

The power of perspective goes further than you know. A perspective of life that takes into consideration the most valuable of traits–compassion, empathy, recognition, gratitude, kindness, love–holds potential that cannot be accessed living with the opposite attitude. Everything in your life will be different if you change your thoughts into constant positivity. Blossom your mind with seeds of gratitude.

What does it mean to you to have gratitude?  

By: KayLynn P.

Be Confidently Insured.


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