The Strange Things People Do With AirBNB Toilet Paper

The Strange Things People Do With AirBNB Toilet Paper

The Strange Things People Do With AirBNB Toilet Paper

You’d be surprised how creative people can get about making a mess. There are some great AirBNB renters out there, but a single bad one can ruin your day. If you don’t believe it, just check out what they can do with a humble roll of toilet paper.

First: They Can Steal Absolutely All Of It

Let’s be clear: they are allowed to do this. AirBNB’s rules state that any consumable item within an AirBNB can be used by the guests. That means all the hand soap, all the paper towels, all the toilet paper, and any alcohol in the liquor cabinet. AirBNB does this to make sure that guests and landlords don’t end up quibbling over things like “you used too much of my paper towels.”

But there’s a side effect. Leave 24 rolls of toilet paper in your unit? Legally, they can “use” it all for whatever they want. And some of them will. Some of them will just straight up take it. Keep a locked storage room somewhere on site if you want to keep toiletries there.

They Can Jam Up Your Plumbing

The most common thing guests do with AirBNB toilet paper is just jamming up the toilet. Why? Who knows. It’s an easy way to vandalize a place. A lot of people will just shove reams of toilet paper down the toilet until it starts to overflow. Especially if they’re young, drunk, and irresponsible. It’s a cheap way to cause thousands of dollars of damage, but there’s good news: this is such a blatant issue that AirBNB usually reimburses you for it.

They Can “TP” Your Home

Most of us probably only know about “TPing” from movies. But it’s a real thing. In movies, you see people putting long strands of toilet paper around a house, and it’s kind of funny and irritating. But that’s not the real consequence of TPing. The consequence comes when the toilet paper gets wet. It becomes almost impossible to get off of surfaces.

Likewise, guests can easily TP the interior of a house and claim that the damage is minimal: after all, it’s just toilet paper. But that doesn’t make it any easier to clean up.

So what have we learned? We’ve learned that people are monsters. When you rent out an AirBNB, you can make a lot of extra money. But you can lose a lot of money, too. Before relying on AirBNB to resolve your problems, consult with an independent insurance agent.

Be Confidently Insured.


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